Passion Turned Brand Provocation.


In 2019, we took lease on a once training facility for hockey goalies. This would become our space to build and share our love for things with wheels. We collectively believed that if we were to make it our own, it needed to embody our vibe and values and as human beings.


This quickly turned into a brief;

Create a space which fosters a more playful and inviting form of automotive and motorcycle culture.

The outcome; Loose Screws.


Stories from roads explored, broken down builds, art, design, and everything in between. Our core motivation is sharing our passion with others. Everyone Can Play.

Simply; Human.


Influenced by childhoods spent drawing dinosaurs, building Lego, and mashing buttons in Mario Kart, our past inspires our future. Unintentionally fostered into the automotive world through Triumph’s, MG’s, and go-karts, we take our life experiences and mix in our flavour of love and passion for the hobby, enthusiasts, designers, and beyond.


Stories Vol.1

Told from the lens of builders, enthusiasts, designers and beyond.

Everyone Can Play Vol. 1

Simple. Playful. Inviting. Design, Print, Cut & Sew in Canada.